Focus. We’re passionately customer-centric. Since 1997, we’ve run our business on a single driving principal: treating our customers with respect while delivering the highest levels of service. Because at the end of the day, they’re our neighbors.

Knowledge and Experience. For more than 20 years, Webjogger has been a cutting-edge partner: from our roots at an Internet Service Provider (ISP), to working with complex technologies, we have the breadth and depth you need for a reliable, resilient, and sustainable system. There isn’t another provider in our region with the same level of insight and understanding. 

Proactive Technology. We aren’t reactive, like the rest. Instead, we’ve built proprietary tools using AI and machine learning that automatically alert, protect, and self-heal our customers’ systems. We can identify, mitigate, and prevent complex issues and threats before they impact your team and business operations.

Webjogger can scale to accomodate all of the Managed IT, Phone, and Professional Services needs for businesses of any size in New York’s Hudson Valley, and beyond. We work with small businesses with as few as 5 computers all the way up to enterprise companies with hundreds of employees. We understand our customer’s IT needs may evolve over time, and respect every customer relationship unique circumstances by using transparent, flat-rate pricing.

Managed IT services include full team access, our most advanced security and monitoring toolkits, patch management, and unlimited remote and on-site support, all for a flat monthly fee. Our team effectively becomes your IT department and manages your devices, network, and more end-to-end.

Monitoring-Only is an a la carte approach that gives customers access to basic security and monitoring tools, Windows and third-party patching, and on-demand access to our team. However labor and advanced security services are not included, and will be billed separately.

Whether you are looking to replace your IT staff or simply augment your staff without additional staffing expenses, Webjogger can help. We can work with existing staff, to provide high level support, to free them up to handle the day-to-day operations more easily. Webjogger can also fully replace your existing IT staff to manage your devices, network, and more end-to-end.

Yes! Webjogger understands the budgetary constraints and fiscal responsibilities of non-profit organizations (NPOs), and we’re proud to partner with many in our region, from healthcare providers and educational  foundations, and even some internationally recognized companies. We believe that by providing our services at a reduced cost, we enable and empower NPOs to better deliver their services to our community and neighbors in need.


Check that you are connected to the right WiFi network or Ethernet:

  • On Mac OSX, this is in the top right on the toolbar
  • For Windows, this is usually found in the bottom right of the taskbar


If the problem is only on a single device, try restarting the device and, if you’re using a wired Internet connection, make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged in. Make sure the device isn’t accidentally in “Airplane Mode.”

If many/all devices are offline, try restarting the router/firewall and modem. If problems persist, contact your Internet Service Provider to inquire if there is a current outage in your area. No resolution from the ISP? Give us a call: (845) 757-4000.

Some locations use a “department” or “user” code to print. Add the printer code to Printer Properties or Printing Preferences. Note that setup may vary, depending on the printer.

Verify you are successfully connected to the Internet, and then make sure the username and password are entered correctly. The credentials are usually based on the Windows network username and password to get onto your office computer. Many customers use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the VPN, so be sure you have your token available if applicable. 

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