Barracuda Help

Please follow the instructions below to use your Webjogger anti-spam account.

Create Password

In this interface you can create/generate a new password yourself easily. Go to and enter your full email address for the user name and at the bottom click Create Password and it will be emailed to you. Once in your account you can change your password using password help below.

A screenshot showing how to login to the Barracuda spam and virus firewall


Quarantine Inbox

The Quarantine Inbox is an interface for reading email that has been Quarantined by the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall. A message is quarantined when it is considered likely (but not positively) to be spam. To read a message, click on the message in the Quarantine Inbox. From here you can deliver,whitelist or delete the email.

A screenshot showing how to quarantine inbox for Barracuda



Add any email senders to whitelist or blocklist.Whitelisting or Blocking may be performed by full email address (“”) or domain only (“”).

A screenshot showing how to whitelist and blocklist for Barracuda


Quarantine Settings

Quarantine Enable/Disable

Selecting Yes for this feature enables Per-User quarantine and will direct messages to your Quarantine Inbox on the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall where you can review and choose to take action with each message. Choosing No enables Global quarantine, causing quarantined messages to be sent instead to your regular mailbox with the subject line prepended by an identifier (for example: [QUARANTINE]).

Quarantine Notification

  • Notification Interval – Select DailyWeekly or Never to indicate how if and often you want to receive an email summary of the messages that are quarantined.
  • Notification Address – Enter the email address or addresses to which quarantine notifications should be sent. To send notifications to multiple email addresses, enter the first address followed by a comma and then the second address.For example, to send quarantine notifications to both and,, youraccount@barracuda.comin the Notification Address field.

Default Language

Set the default quarantine message language and the default encoding for handling unknown character sets during filtering.

A screenshot showing quarantine settings for Barracuda

Spam Settings

Spam Scoring Enable/Disable

  • Enable Spam Scoring – Allows you to turn on or turn off spam scoring of individual email messages sent to your account. All messages are subjected to system-level policies such as RBL and sender/recipient validity checks. Turning on this option allows all message contents to also be analyzed for spam, and for those results to be taken into account when determining an appropriate action for the message. If this option is disabled, messages will be scanned, but scores will not be assigned. As such, messages will not be blocked, tagged or quarantined.

A screenshot showing spam settings for Barracuda

Password Change

Place mouse cursor over “preferences” and click on “password”. Enter your old password, enter your new password, and re-enter the new password to confirm it. Click Save Password to change the password for your account.

Screenshot showing how to change a password for Barracuda